Donate Cash

You can fund hope of literacy for a group of stateless children in Omadal Island. Make one-time donation to the Society’s bank account details below:

Bank: Public Bank
Account Number: 3-2165146-31
Account Name: Persatuan Pendidikan Bajau Laut (Iskul Sama diLaut Omadal)

Please specify “#2021fundraising – (Teacher / Field Coordinator / Empowerment / Meals / General)” in your transfer details. And after the transfer, please email us the receipt for our record.

Donate Supplies

You can bring joy by purchasing needed stationery and teaching materials such as pencils, pens, erasers, rulers, exercise books, marker pens, and colour pencils.

You can fill in the Google Form here.

My first trip to Omadal Island

by Vince  During the summer break, My family and I went to Malaysia. We flew to Sabah state, then went to Omadal Island on July 17, 2022 by boat. I have heard stories about Bajau Laut (Sama DiLaut) ancestors who lived in the Coral Triangle (between Malaysia,...

Trip to Omadal Island

By Lindsey Luo Lindsey Luo and family volunteered at Pondok Iskul, Omadal for 3 days where they shared their knowledge and culture with Iskul students and the students shared theirs with them. Lindsey and family helped Iskul in many ways such as bringing educational...

Embracing Community Healthcare

In 2020 we jump started our maternity and children’s health programme with support from Yayasan Hasanah Special Grant 2020. This milestone reinforces our holistic approach to education. We believe that students can achieve their academic potential when they and their...

COVID-19 Food Aid

During the COVID-19 outbreak, Iskul ran a two-fold food aid programme for B40 residents in Omadal. Below is a brief overview of the beneficiaries of our food aid programme. Programme 1: 52 B40 households and 158 stateless households in Omadal Island (Total: 210...

Students’ Progress Evaluation (2015-2018)

Overall, we are pleased with the result considering that the actual time our 16 students spent on a normal schooling period is just less than 4 months. Based on our observation, Iskul students have mastered basic numeracy, however, they are still mostly weak in the Bahasa Malaysia language, although most of them have no problem understanding and engage in basic conversation in Bahasa Malaysia. The greatest outcome is that two of our students from this test have now become Mastal Arikik (MA) to teach the new batch of students.