Future Plans

In the next 2 years on top of sustaining our core literacy training and student meals, we have two targets. First, to strengthen Iskul’s youth leadership programme which will build confidence in children and youth. The programme will emphasize both the sciences and arts – the former by lessons focused on marine stewardship and life science, and the latter by teaching traditional and modern performance arts that students can use to express and take pride in their unique cultural identity. Iskul will also equip Bajau youth from Omadal with media production tools as a means to share their stories with the world and to earn extra income. We envision this will spark motivation and self-confidence in youth. Second, to foster a healthy community, including both human and environmental health. This vision involves improving water access for all households on Omadal Island and cultivating proper waste disposal behaviour to reduce health hazards and ocean pollution. We will also continue to take care of community health by bridging local health agency with stateless households to deliver medical aids and health education.