Testimonial from Iskul Field Coordinator, Aida

Aida who was with Iskul for most of 2018 shares her experiences helping the stateless community in her home island.

Iskul Home Visits & Group Interviews (2019)

During the field visit in September 2019, Iskul visited 16 homes of our students.

Annual Field Visit 2019 (Finally!)

It has been over two years since any of the management team members visited Semporna and boy, did the town changed!

Iskul Sama DiLaut Omadal

A community based, children-led school for the stateless children of the Bajau Laut community in North Borneo.

Fund Hope of Literacy

Give RM250 or RM500 as gift of literacy for the stateless children!

Our Vision

To build young leaders among the stateless and local communities through holistic education.

The children of the Bajau Laut community face the following (not limited to) four problems:

  1. No proper documents hence unable to attend school;
  2. Stuck in an inter-generational cycle of poverty and frequently engaged in begging;
  3. Social stigma;
  4. Glue-sniffing habit to overcome their worries.

The word “Iskul” means “School” in Bajau Laut language.

Iskul uses community participatory methodology to engage little teachers aged 12 to 15 (known as the “Mastal Arikik”) in its formation.They teach basic Bahasa Malaysia, simple arithmetic and art classes.

Most decisions related to Iskul are made collectively with the Mastal Arikik, the Board of Trustees, headmistress and, hopefully the students too in the near future. For sustainability, each Mastal Arikik is given an allowance as an incentive.

In addition to providing basic literacy to the Bajau Laut children, Iskul also encourages our Mastal Arikik to make decisions, while learning to teach and care for and also learn from their less fortunate friends.

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