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Iskul E-News Issue #4

🎓 Iskul #WrappedUp 2019 and Progress Forward into 2020! Will You Continue To Walk With Us? �

December ’19

Iskul E-News Issue #7

🎒 BACK TO SCHOOL! New Normal, New Learning Experience!

July ’20

Iskul E-News Issue #10

Selamat Hari Kaamatan from Iskul! Heres all the new projects Iksul is hosting!

May ’23

Iskul E-News Issue #13

A look at how our students have been stepping up!🎉

August/September ’23

Iskul E-News Issue #2

We Are Back Online! Welcome-Back-Gift for You: 🔎 Financial Summary for 2017

May ’18

Iskul E-News Issue #5

🍊 This 🐭 Rat-tastic New Year, Share Your Happiness with Iskul! �

January ’20

Iskul E-News Issue #8

How Has Covid-19 Transformed Iskul?

November ’22

Iskul E-News Issue #11

This month we stood in solidarity with the community on Omadal, and focused on sustainable learning that keeps our students heritage in mind

June ’23

Iskul E-News Issue #3

📜 Timeline Summary from July 2017 – August/September 2018

September ’18

Iskul E-News Issue #6

Strength in Unity & #KitaJagaSemua Spirit this MCO for the Stateless Community in Omadal Island

May ’20

Iskul E-News Issue #9

Selamat Hari Raya! Here’s a
small update on what we’ve been up to recently.

April ’23

Iskul E-News Issue #12

With every new project and initiative, we take a step further down the path to our vision of a community that can support themselves and fight for their rights

July ’23