If you’re interested to Volunteer with us, here is how you can go about it!

Volunteers provide teaching skills and knowledge, and inspire our Mastal Arikik. We encourage you to send your requests to [email protected] with the following details for our reference:

Personal details and contact information, professional background and proposed learning experience for our Mastal Arikik, and logistics information (duration of stay on the island, number of visitors, etc.)
Please attach your CV or resume for our reference.
We would greatly appreciate at least a month’s notice prior to your visit.
Generally, we will acknowledge requests within 7 working days. Your patience and understanding is most appreciated as our Trustees work on a voluntary basis. Under short notice, we may still consider your intention but do understand that shall we be unable to get in touch and confer with Iskul in Omadal Island, we will generally reject your intention.
Thank you so much for your support.