Providing literacy training for stateless children on Omadal Island in Semporna, Sabah. Before ‘Iskul’ or ‘school’ in the Bajau Laut language, none of the stateless children on Omadal Island had the opportunity to study because being stateless means they don’t have access to public education.

Over 200 children are not in school, without access to public education, and at risk of exposure to dangerous activity like glue sniffing
Lack of healthcare and resources; both physical and mental health issues are left unaddressed
Waste management services are simply unavailable to the Bajau Laut, leaving their island and wildlife in danger of pollution

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Our vision is to build young leaders on Omadal
to seek solutions to the problems faced by their communities, through holistic education

Peer assisted learning system in Pondok Iskul, providing resources and a conducive learning environment
Mini clinic for residents of the island, first aid training, and mental health first aid
Marine modules and waste management system to integrate the Bajau Laut way of life with sustainable practice and conservation efforts
Content creation team to allow students to take part in telling their story to a wider audience

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This map documents the vibrant marine life and ecosystems surrounding Omadal, offering valuable insights for conservation efforts. The mapping was undertaken by Iskul’s first batch of marine students from class At’au, guided by Iskul’s teachers in collaboration with Reef Check Malaysia.

The map has recorded the names of marine life in the Bajau language, which is important to the Bajau community’s culture. It speaks to the importance of traditional knowledge in protecting our oceans.

The project is funded by UNDP SGP’s ICCA in 2022-2023.

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