On 11th August 2017, Iskul Sama Dilaut Omadal was invited by UNHCR to attend the Roundtable to Discuss Methodology of Participatory Assessments with Bajau Laut & Neighbouring Communities at Sandakan Styles Hotel. The objectives of this roundtable are to exchange information and share potential common challenges, as well as to prepare for the planned consultations and participatory assessments with Bajau Laut communities settled on the land and neighbouring communities.

The session intended to build the participants capacity and to develop a framework for implementation for the participatory assessments and consultations. These should be conducted with considerations of these communities’ situation, the best approaches to outreach, and good practices in conducting participatory assessments and consultations.

There were 22 participants from various background such as academician, government agencies, anthropologist, activists and few come from humanity NGOs in Malaysia. Ee Chia and Shafiyyah shared about Iskul Sama Dilaut Omadal, from how we started, the challenges and problem that we are facing on the ground, and milestones Iskul has achieved over the couple years.