It has been several years since Khairul was nominated for this award, but his work with Iskul still makes a huge difference in the lives of the stateless children on Omadal.

Khairul is Iskul’s co-founder and pioneer Mastal Arikik, which means he was one of the first to actually teach the younger studens, forming the basis for our educational structure at Iskul. Not many young boys want to spend their free time after school teaching others, but he picked up the role and continues to advocate for his community till today. He conducted the first trial class at 14, and committed to teaching on weekends. 

After SPM, he stepped up as the Field Coordinator trainee. His background and experience provides insight to the Malaysian and stateless communities of Omadal Island.

He began training as the Field Coordinator in 2020, and is now in charge of Iskul’s meals, organising activities, key liaison with orang Kampung and external parties, and documenting Iskul’s activities.

Watch the video on his nomination below!

“Born in Pulau Omadal, Sabah, 15 year-old Mohd Khairul Bin Atim spends his free time making sure that the Bajau Laut children in his village are able to read and write. He is one of 10 finalists of the inaugural Tuanku Bainun Young Changemakers Awards 2015.”