Rendy (our student) fell off the bridge near his house, hit some sharp object on the ground and wounded his forehead. He received no medical attention until we found out about it on Day 3. We immediately contacted the Hospital Director in Hospital Semporna and showed him photos of Rendy’s wound. He advised us to bring him to the emergency room as soon as possible as they might need to send him to Tawau Hospital as the wound looked bad and contaminated. 

On Day 4, we rushed Rendy to the hospital. We also purchased groceries for students’ meals on the same trip. Rendy received immediate medical attention once we arrived. His X-ray was taken, and thankfully, it was ok. The doctor cleaned his wound and gave him antibiotics, painkillers and panadol.

We were advised to bring him to Klinik Kesihatan Bum-Bum for daily washing of the wound for 1 week. We had to purchase the Dermacyn Wound Care 500 ml for this purpose. After a few days of treatment, Rendy had a fever. Thankfully, his fever subsided and his wound became better after one week (Pic on the right). We’re so glad we managed to intervene in time, else his wound might have worsened and his life could have been threatened.