Three stateless teenagers without access to education now empower their own community – YHSG 2020 has provided Iskul sufficient funds to employ three of our graduate students to teach the stateless children in their own community: Delah, Enidah and Bilkuin. 

The monthly allowance has enabled them to fully focus on the Iskul work in three main areas. First is to teach basic literacy to their friends five days a week. Second, to communicate and oversee the water tanks project which aims to improve the water access of 30 households in the stateless community. Finally, to identify 20 pregnant and nursing mothers and 30 children to administer supplements and multivitamins, and also to monitor their conditions. Furthermore, when Covid-19 hit Semporna and Sabah the worst in October 2021, they became the front-liners of the island. They were the mainstay in distributing food baskets to their community. They also became our communicator to convey the message of ways to fight Covid-19 to the community. We cannot be more proud of them! Perhaps their story is better captured in this Malaysiakini report.